Discover the real Italian Design

Discover the real Italian Design

The Italian design is recognized in the world, whether we talk about clothes, cars, furniture, jewelry or handbags, Italian designers have always impressed us. Being the cradle of the Renaissance, pioneers in art and architecture in Europe, it is not surprising that today, Italy is always at the forefront of interior design, classy decorative styles and good taste. 
According to the famous furniture and interior design gallery “DZINE, the seven main characteristics that define Italian interior design are the following: 

1. Combination of old and new items

Having such a rich cultural heritage, Italians are committed to preserve the country’s past within the architecture.When you walk the streets of any city or town in Italy, you notice many old buildings.However, inside, you may be surprised to discover a space completely renovated to the most contemporary style.Even within the same environment, it is common to find old and new items that coexist in perfect harmony to create very classy styles.  

2. A clever use of space 

In general, Italian houses tend to be very cozy.Today, in large cities, is very common to live in apartments with limited space. Italians have mastered the art of using space intelligently.This is achieved through the careful placement of furniture, lighting and some architectural tricks.Italians can easily create a space that is perceived large, bright and generous. 

3. The living kitchen 

So as it sounds, in Italy the kitchen is a second livingroom.Over the years, Italians have turned their kitchens into a place to socialize and coexist, not just a place to cook, clean and work.Culturally, the kitchen is the heart of the Italian house, it is in this place where the family meets to chatFood is a way of giving love.  

4. Use of natural materials 

Another characteristic of the Italian style is the use of natural materials, or at least, that represent the elements of nature.In the Italian interior design, wood, stone and metals coexist harmoniously in the same space.Therefore it is very common to see a beautiful mosaic floors, elegant marble tops and furniture in wood and metal.

5. Smart lighting

Lighting is key in Italian interior design.However, there is no formula or style for choosing lighting in the decoration of a space.Rather, the light must be adapted to the specific architectural style of the property.If the space is small, a large, dramatic and bright chandelier to emphasize the height of the floor, will be a touch very Italian.

6. Minimalism

Italian minimalism isn’t like the one of the Japanese or Scandinavians. However, nowadays Italian houses tend to offer a simpler and cleaner environment.Unlike their ancestors, who enjoyed decorating the house with lots of ornaments and figures, today’s generation prefers simplicity.Italians make use of the space by incorporating hidden storage points to help hide the clutter.Any furniture chosen must justify its place in the home, with a functional and efficient use.

7. Designer pieces

Many Italians like to introduce a flair of design within their home too.Italian interior designers are trend makers all over the world, famous for their talent for combining contemporary design with traditional refinement and elegance.


Source: Dzine