Interior Design in Mountain Hotels

Diseño interior hoteles de montaña

Interior Design in Mountain Hotels

A hotel must offer a combination of services that merge good location and interior design that is welcoming, functional and provides a sense of well-being.

The heart of the hotel is the good service and comfort of the rooms. But it is not limited to this, for example, when we talk about vacation hotels, the range of services must be much more extensive. The decoration, furniture and environment are decisive for the guest to have a comfortable and pleasant stay.

In this note we tell you the 5 typical elements of interior design in mountain hotels, which allow you to live an unforgettable experience: 


Between the mountains or very close to them, overlooking a lake, among the greenery of a forest… When a guest chooses a mountain hotel, he goes looking for tranquility, harmony and connection with nature. It is important that the hotel ensures that these elements will be present to meet this special needs.

2. Distribution of spaces:

A mountain hotel should offer a good view. And as far as possible, that view should be appreciated from every space in the room or apartment. Fireplace, rustic kitchen, open terrace. Common areas should have spaces for the enjoyment of nature, areas for relaxation, heated pools… these are elements that add a plus to this type of property.

3. Materials and furniture:

Wood in its natural form or wood-look flooring and cladding are the favorite to create warm environments and balance them with the freshness of the environment. Also, elements such as stone and concrete look, harmoniously integrate providing a delicious feeling of serenity.

4. Textures:

Thick carpets, blankets and cushions… All this adds comfort when creating cozy environments for the greatest enjoyment of a mountainous location.

5. Accessible infrastructure:

Guests who choose the mountain as a holiday destination want to be able to explore nature. That is why safe access must be designed from the hotel, allowing the experience of connecting with nature and being able to return to comfort within the structure when desired.

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